Four Arrested in Three Separate Parkersburg Drug Busts

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Three separate drug busts, netting the Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force and Aggressive Crime Enforcement Task Force four arrests.

The first case Thursday morning involved a suspicious package.

Agents and the U.S. Postal Inspectors delivered the pacakge to Alpine Street in Mineral Wells.

Agents then found about two pounds of marijuana in the package.

They say the package was sent from California.

Multiple people are expected to be charged.

Then Thursday afternoon following an investigation agents found $2,500 worth of crack/cocaine at a Seventh Street apartment.

They say multiple people were found inside, including Malcolm Fuller, Maurice Burton and Carlos Oates.

Fuller had a warrant for delivery of crack and for possession with intent to deliver.

Burton and Oates are arrested for possession with intent to deliver.

All three failed to post bond and remain in jail.

Then Thursday night, another marijuana arrest near Emerson Avenue.

Agents say during a controlled buy Kendall Hunter tried to sell a pound of marijuana.

Agents say the marijuana was shipped in from California and deemed suspicious by the postal inspectors.

Hunter is in the Holding Center awaiting arraignment.

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