"A Significant Problem"

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Updated: 8/05/2013 6:15 P.M.

Local law enforcement appeared to be making progress a few years ago with methamphetamine raids. But recently, a new kind of meth-making process made that a popular drug all over again.

"The one-pot cook, the ' Shake and Bake' method, just made the meth trade explode again," said Sgt. Shawn Graham, Chief Deputy, Wood County Sheriff's Office. "It seemed like it made it a lot easier to manufacture this drug. That made that come back, when they found an easier method to cook it."

Just Saturday night, two separate drug cases resulted in the arrest of Jack Poland and Bonnie Myers, during a traffic stop on Belmont road..netting marijuana, cocaine and pills.

Later that evening, two Columbus residents were arrested at a Parkersburg motel, in a raid involving large amounts of cocaine and heroin.

"We have problems with all of the drugs; crack, meth, bath salts, Graham says. "We have a very significant drug problem in this community. And it is not limited to any one drug. It is multiple drugs, countless drug dealers."

And the complications can be deadly. This past weekend, a father and son were laid to rest in Clarksburg. They were delivering newspapers late last month when they were caught up in a botched drug deal, leaving both of them shot to death.

Graham says it has increasingly been the drug dealers agencies are after, rather than the users. But he emphasizes the laws are being enforced.

And just across the river, the largest heroin bust in the history of Meigs County.

Sheriff Keith Wood says deputies found Andrew Barstow and Anthony Wervey at a local gas station.

When searching their car, deputies found more than seven grams of black tar heroin, as well as syringes and pills.

Barstow's one and a half-year-old son was in the car with the two 23-year olds.

then the deputies searched their home... where they found more heroin valued at 45-hundred dollars and cocaine..
they were arrested on felony aggravated possession charges.
more charges are pending.

Joint operations between Parkersburg Police, Wood County Sheriff's Office and West Virginia State Police made four arrests Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

Shortly before 11pm, officers stopped a 1998 Buick sedan in the 2300 block of Belmont Road in Parkersburg. They found an amount of suspected cocaine, crack cocaine and pills.

53-year-old Bonnie Lynn Myers and 45-year-old Jack Lee Poland, both from Parkersburg, were charged with a misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance

Later at around 4am Sunday morning, Parkersburg Police, Wood County deputies and West Virginia State troopers executed a search warrant at the Parkersburg Comfort Inn in Room 210.

37-year-old Jermaine Person and 23-year-old Amanda Sue White, both from out of Columbus, were taken into custody after officers found 55.5 grams of suspected cocaine and crack cocaine as well as 7.4 grams of suspected heroin. More than $3,000 in cash was also discovered during the search.

Person and White are each charged with two felony counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

A second search warrant was made at Myers' home at the 1000 block of Market Street at around 5:30 Sunday morning.

Parkersburg Police, Wood County deputies and West Virginia State troopers found 10 ounces of suspected marijuana inside.

Myers' misdemeanor charge was changed to a felony possession with the intent to deliver as a result of the search.

Myers, Person and White were all placed in the Wood County Holding Center awaiting arraignments Sunday morning. Poland was released on a citation and must appear at the Wood County Magistrate Court within five days on the misdemeanor charge. Poland told WTAP News Monday the drugs weren't his and, "I was at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Person was also found on federal probation through the southern district of Ohio at the time of his arrest. Parkersburg Police will contact federal authorities Sunday to inform them of his arrest.

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