Fracking Meeting Shares Concerns

Citizens concerned over hydraulic fracking met again in Marietta to update their concerns over the proposed practice in Ohio.

Guest speakers from Wetzel county shared in photos and stories, their experience over the last five years of hydraulic fracking.

Through graphic photos, they documented repeated truck accidents, road slips and difficulties they attribute to the mining operation.

They caution land owners about permitting these practices.

"They need to know the whole process form the beginning to the end. So that, like I said, if the land company comes to the door with a lease, you can take it to a lawyer to make sure you are protected," warns Wetzel County resident Bonnie Hall. " And that's what we're doing here, so that they can protect themselves."

Hall says in the last five years, the only local employment added has been 17 security guard positions.

She says all technical mining positions were filled from Texas and Oklahoma workers.

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