Free Books For Everyone!

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In Marietta, the Ely Chapman Education Foundation held its10th annual Fall Festival Saturday morning.

People came out to look at over 25,000 books ranging from fiction, non-fiction to cooking.

And most importantly, the books are free!

The Christian Appalachian Project donated the books to the Fall Festival.

"We're getting literacy out to the community, we're getting books out to the community for people who can't buy books or who maybe can't get to the library, this is a great place for them to pick up, some people who don't want to go to the library they want to pick up a book, if they like it they want to keep it," says Ely Chapman Education Foundation Chair and Founder, Alice Chapman.

The annual fundraiser will help pay for scholarships for kids in the Ely Chapman Education Foundation's after school and summer programs.

Members of the foundation hope to raise between $2,000-3,000 this year.

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