Free Books at Ely Chapman

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A lot of people got their hands on some free books at Ely Chapman's spring fling.

The Christian Appalachian Project donated nearly 50,000 books for the annual event. There were actually so many books that not all were able to be on display.

While parents found books for themselves, the kids went upstairs and enjoyed a carnival with games, crafts, and a free book room just for them. No parents allowed.

"It's a place for children to pick books that they want to read. Because they will read the books that they pick better than the ones that mom and dad pick. It gives the kids great opportunity and the books are absolutely free", says Alice Chapman.

Spring fling began thirteen years ago when Marietta College used the facility for their book giveaway.

Ely Chapman then decided to expand and make it a extra special for the kids.

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