Free Health Screenings

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The Children's Home Society, WVU-P nursing program and Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department gave free screenings to more than 30 people.

It's a way to encourage preventive care. An important aspect of staying healthy.

They performed blood pressure checks, eye screenings, and a BMI test that gives a more in-depth description of your overall health.

The program was originally for the Children's Home Society exclusively, but organizers opened it up to the community.

"The particular neighborhood the Children's Home Society works in is very economically challenged so we wanted to bless the neighborhood with free health screenings because often we refer to high blood pressure as the silent killer. A lot of people may not know they have it so we wanted to increase their awareness and provide follow up information for where they can get low or free cost health care," says Lisa Parsons, a program coordinator for the Children's Home Society.

They hope to make this an annual event with more screenings available in the future.

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