Freezin' For A Reason

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The Polar Plunge at Point Park is a fundraiser for Special Olympics.

Around 50 people plunged into the freezing water, and came out shivering on the other end of the pool.

Warming tents were set up for participants to change and heat back up.

Several members of the Parkersburg South Swim Team joined in the help raise money for their fellow athletes.

"My daughters have Down Syndrome and have been swimming for Special Olympics for the past 14 years of their life. And we found out the West Virginia State Special Olympics was raising money here in Parkersburg so we got together, Steve and I, and talked to a bunch of guys and girls and they came out here to support us and some us decided to plunge," says swim team assistant coach Jim Pursley.

Event organizers say they were excited about the turnout and hope to make it an annual fundraiser.

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