Fresh Farm Produce Helps Local Economy

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We love eating it, especially in the summer, but what many of us may not know is that eating farm grown corn, fruits, and vegetables can actually help boost the local economy.

"You're taking money from your pocket and putting it into your community so it's a way to give back. It's a way to support local farmers which is something that's becoming very important," explained Matt Waite from Witten Farm.

And helping out local farmers means helping out ourselves, too.

Both by giving back to the community, and enjoying some sweet and delicious produce.

But it takes a lot of work to get farm foods to stay fresh enough to please the community of customers.

"We sort our fruits and vegetables meticulously every morning to make sure we get all the bad product out that way our customers get consistently good food...over and over again," Waite said.

Having a great natural resource right in our backyard helps out a lot, too.

"Most of our fields are right off the river and the soil's really sandy there which is very very good for growing crops. We also use a couple different methods of irrigation there. It gets water to our crop all the time," describes Waite.

And the community can't complain. They know the taste of real local farm fresh foods.

"It's always freshest and best. I always think about the restaurants that have the tomatoes in the summer, and you can tell they're not home grown Ohio tomatoes," said fresh farm food lover Maxine Hopp.

Boosting the local economy...and boosting our appreciation for great local farm produce.

Hopp says, "yeah there's nothing like homegrown produce."

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