Fundraiser Supports Local Humane Society

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More than 15 local vendors set up shop at the Ewing School in Marietta.
Hundreds showed up to shop and support the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley.

Board members say with summer coming up they except to have hundreds of animals dropped off. Money from the fundraiser helps to pay the employees and provide food for the animals.

Important work that many in the community hope to support.

"I am so proud, proud of our shelter. It is a wonderful place. And we look at it as you know a lot of these dogs have come from under a building or roaming the streets. One night in our shelter is absolute heaven to them compared to what a lot of them have had," says Board Member and Treasurer Becky Johnston.

Johnston says she is also very proud of the shelter because they have one of the lowest euthanization rates in the country. They try to help every animal find a good home.

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