UPDATE: Gallia County Sheriff's Office Releases Anonymous Letter Related to Hunter's Death

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UPDATE 4/21/2014 3:45 PM

An anonymous letter was sent to the Gallia County Sheriff's Office, apologizing for a hunter's death.

Now the sheriff's office is releasing the whole letter.

Gallia County Sheriff Joe Browning says with Ohio’s turkey hunting season starting Monday, he wanted to get the information out to the public.

Larry Bradley was shot on December 2, 2013, the opening day of Ohio's deer/gun season.

Sheriff Browning says when the letter was received around Christmas, part of it was released in an attempt to have the person responsible come forward.

But so far, that has not happened.

The sheriff's office hopes by releasing the letter in its entirety, the person responsible for the shooting will come forward.

Anyone with information regarding this case should call the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office at (740) 446-1221 or the Tip Line at (740) 446-6555.

An image of the letter is attached to this story.

UPDATE 1/7/14

A hunter was found dead in his tree stand in December and now an anonymous letter is sent to deputies apologizing for what happened.

45-year-old Larry Bradley was found dead in Gallia County from an apparent gunshot wound.

The Sheriff's Office continues to investigate with very little information, until recently.

A letter was sent to the Sheriff's Office claiming responsibility for Bradley's death, saying the shooting was accidental and asking deputies to tell the family they were sorry.

The letter reads: "I am so sorry for the hurt and pain that I caused on that can. Can you please tell the family I am so sorry."

But now the family and the Sheriff's Office just want the anonymous writer to come forward and take responsibility.

The letter has been sent to Ohio BCI to be analyzed.

If you have any information about this case or the letter you are asked to call the Gallia County Sheriff's Office 740-446-1221.

It's a tragic start to deer gun season in Ohio.

One person is dead after a hunting accident Monday morning in Gallia County.

It happened near Thaxton Road in Morgan Township a little before nine.

Emergency rescue crews responded to a report of an injured hunter in a tree stand.

Upon arrival, crews found 45-year-old Larry W. Bradley of Bidwell dead from an apparent gun shot wound.

Sherriff's investigators are conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

"He had left to go hunting, was in his tree stand when he was located. It's our understanding that there were other people hunting in the area as well," says Sheriff Joe Browning. "The victim appears as though he had been shot. It is unusual to have someone shot inside a tree stand but it does happen."

The Gallia County Sheriff's Office and the Ohio Division of Natural Resources are trying to determine whether the shooting was accidental.

They're also looking to identify the other hunters who were in the area at the time.

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