Game Show Legend

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For ten points, who was the first host of "The Price is Right".

If your answer is Bob, sorry.

Bill Cullen hosted that-and more than two dozen other game shows-in a career that basically began with television and continued into the 1980's.

And a Vienna native has just released a book about the legendary emcee.

And perhaps the most amazing thing about one of television's most successful personalities, is the handicap he overcame to achieve his game show fame.

"He had polio as an infant; this is before the vaccine was created," Nedeff recalls, "and he was able to do something that would be considered off-limits for people who have that handicap. And he never saw it as a hindrance that he had polio, it was just a minor inconvenience, and he just worked around it."

Nedeff is a game show fanatic who has several web sites on Cullen and on TV game shows.

He plans a book signing next Tuesday night at the Vienna Public Library.

He'll also be a guest next week on WTAP news at five.

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