Garth's Auctions Appraises Antiques

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Have a valuable antique in your possession but need some appraisals?

The Campus Martius Museum put on a clinic this afternoon to give the help you need.

Garth's Auctions were on hand conducting an antique road show in support of the museum.

With a five dollar donation, people had specialists from the auction house looking over their antiques such as jewelry, paintings and even lamps.

The specialists gave verbal appraisals about the historic items and an estimate of how much it's worth.

Vice President and Auctioneer, Andrew Richmond, gives advice about having an antique in your home.

"Always good to know what you have. If you think something might be old or might be potentially valuable, it's good to get it in the eyes of somebody who knows what it might be."

All collected donations went to the Campus Martius Museum.