Gas Prices Expected to Drop

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Good news on the U.S. economy hasn't exactly been abundant lately. But oil and gasoline prices have been falling.

The price of crude fell to its lowest level in almost nine months Thursday - $78.20 a barrel.

And you can see the results at the pump. The national average for gas is 17 cents cheaper than a year ago and down 46 cents from its peak in early April.

"The problem I have with gas prices is they don't seem to be dropping proportionally to the price of oil. I just think there's too many people in the middle affecting the gas prices and they're not dropping below $3 like I would hope and expect," says local driver Kerry Crawford.

Oil fell Thursday after reports from China and the U.S. both pointed to a slowdown in manufacturing.

As factories fill fewer orders, they use less energy, and that cuts into petroleum demand.

Experts say the price of gas could dip to $3.30 by July 4th.

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