Gearing Up For Safety While Deer Hunting In West Virginia

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Young hunters in Ohio are enjoying two-days of hunting white-tailed deer.

Meanwhile, Monday starts Deer Gun Season for hunters in West Virginia.

And as always, local enthusiasts are urging area hunters to stay safe this season.

Hunters in the Mountain State are required by law to wear a blaze-orange garment at all times and have a hunting license present.

It's also recommended to keep your body hydrated, and to always be attentive, especially when using a firearm.

"You need to be safe with the weapon you choose to use, know what the safeties are on it, make sure when you're hunting and when you see a deer, you make sure that's what you're actually shooting at," says Cain's Outdoor, Incorporated Salesman, Lee Haddix.

It's illegal to hunt a deer with a fully-automatic rifle, a shotgun, or a muzzle-loader of less than .38 calibers.

In Wood County hunters are allowed to shoot a maximum of two-deer through season's end on December 7th.

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