General Moses: Underground Railroad 1855

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It was no ordinary Sunday at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Marietta.

Church members welcomed a special visitor to the valley.

Ilene Evans portrayed Harriet Tubman in a performance of the play, General Moses: Underground Railroad 1855.

"This is a woman whose faith was not about a bunch of words or dogma, it was in her actions. You saw what she believed by what she did and so her faith was a walking faith," says Evans.

People watched Evans tell a story about Tubman's life long struggles as a slave and how she managed to head north to have the freedom she'd always dreamed of.

Evans brought the performance to life as the audience got to participate by singing several songs. They even went for a ride on the underground railroad.

Spectators were glad to play an important role in an era that helped reinstate our country, as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

"It allows us to understand that this was real person who had real feelings, real experiences. This is not a set of facts in a textbook, this is a human drama," added Debra Conner.

"Social justice has gone on through the ages and this brought a certain time period to life that shows how we can continue on. She said it's the people, the people that bring it all together," replied Cindy Burton.

The performance by Evans was a heartwarming one for many.

"She was spectacular that the spirit of the music, I think sometimes life is full of emotion and energy," Martha McGovern said.

"Well, I think it's absolutely enchanting to have someone who can bring history to life the way that Ilene brings Harriet Tubman to life. It's not only the entertainment value of a program like this but it's the educational value as well," says Conner.

And if there's one thing Evans wants people to get out of her performance, it would be: "Our shared legacy that when we work together, we can do anything," added Evans.

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