Generators and storm supplies

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No electricity, no problem, a generator can do the job in case of a power outage and it seems everyone has the same idea.

"Because a lot of people are looking for the generators in case there is a power outage we have had a sellout of what we had in stock but we can still order those," says Chris Hackney, project specialist for exteriors at Lowe's in Vienna. "They are available for two to five days lead time."

With the storm of the century looming large, generators seem to be on many people's minds...and much more.

"We've been getting in some extra canned food, we've bought gasoline for generators in case we need it and today we're in here looking for possibly a gas stove," says Gwen Moore of Veto.

We know what the predictions say about how hard the storm is going to hit, but is everyone prepared?

"I don't think we're going to get struck very hard personally, but I could be wrong," says Parkersburg resident Sharon Goetmann. "Um, I'm hoping it isn't anything like what we had in June."

A good start is stocking up on basic supplies and never forgetting that generator.

"Bought flashlights and batteries just to make sure we've got everything taken care of and a couple of days ago we bought a generator just in case the power goes out," says Michael Hiehle of Belpre, who owns a farm in Coolville.

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