Getting To Know The Candidates

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Students, parents and members of the community in one local school district are getting a first hand look of the candidates for board superintendent.

Members of the Warren Local School District held an interview session Saturday morning.

People got to ask the candidates questions about important key issues concerning the school district.

It's a great way for the community to voice their opinion on who they think will be a good fit as the next board superintendent.

"We would like them to get on site to begin building relationships with people in the community with staff members and examining what's going on in the district," says Lydia Hunter.

"Probably the biggest issue is our community. Our community's been really divided over the last few years cause of our bond issues and it's going to take a really good leader to come together and bring us together," added Trent White.

As far the new superintendent pushing for a levy, parents have mixed opinions.

Board members say they hope to have the position filled sometime this month.

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