Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

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The snow this week is a sure reminder that winter is on its way.

Experts say not only do we need to get our homes ready, but our cars as well.

The crew at Pete & Libby's Auto Repair in Vienna knows the importance of winterizing your car.

They recommend installing winter wiper blades to help keep snow and ice off of your windshield and they also say keep your fluids full at all times.

The shop features a winter car tune up to help keep you and your car safe

"We have a checklist we go down which basically we check your coolant, we check your tires, your belts, and your hoses," says General Manager Mike Sutton. "We check your battery. Battery is another item that winter can zap. We check your front end and if you have a four wheel drive make sure your four wheel drive works."

Sutton also recommends keeping the air pressure in your tires lower during the winter months.

He says that allows for more traction in the ice and snow.

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