Ghosts and goblins and all things that go bump in the night.

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"He said he wanted to be a monkey earlier today and then he changed it to a dragon so we're not real sure yet," says Parkersburg resident Amy Sullivan of her son Jaxson's potential Halloween costume.

There's something for everyone and many kids already know what they like.

"The little girls like the princesses and the fairytales, they like them real well," says Kmart hardlines assistant Jeanne Massey. "The boys like the superheroes; they always like the superheroes for some reason and then the adults is, a lot of them is the scary type of costumes."

So many costumes to choose from... the sky's the limit for both small kids and big kids.

"The two-year-old she doesn't really care right now, I mean I think she'd probably like to be a princess or something. The four-year-old wants to be some kind of zombie," says Sarah Middleton of Palestine.

A son on the same page as his mom and keeping it easy this Halloween.

"I go by what they're into and I ask him and we're usually on the same page," says Melissa Dawson of Belleville. "I've usually got it figured out before he even does and then he tells me. We usually don't make a big deal of it. He doesn't go for the scary stuff so or the gory so we go pretty simple."

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