Girl Scout Cookie Delivery

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The cookies are here and they couldn't have come any sooner for fans of the Girl Scouts, who took part in area cookie delivery on Friday and Saturday.

"All the troop leaders actually go out; you'll see them at booth sales at Sam's, Loew's and Walmart, so all our troop leaders come through here," says Natalie Huggins, membership development coordinator for Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council. "It's like a drive-through; they get their cookies and they go home and get distributed."

Being a part of the cookie program experience teaches girls essential skills for a lifetime.

"They actually get to learn quite a bit doing cookie sales," Huggins says. "They get to learn things like budgeting, money management, sales, entrepreneurship."

Girls get a portion of the proceeds from the sales to put towards projects, field trips and community service.

"They get to decide what they get to do with their own money, they make management decisions, they get to decide which activities they're going to do with their money and this is all just entirely for the girls," Huggins says.

On a cold day in the valley, Girl Scout cookies warm your heart.

Girl Scout Junior Ciara says Dulce de Leche is her favorite.

Trista is going to put the money to good use.

"I'll save it to do stuff to help people," she says.

Overall, it was a good day and the girls were enthusiastic and happy.

Huggins says it went pretty smoothly because she has such great volunteers.

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