Giving Back to Veterans

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It's eleven days to Veterans Day but it's never too early to help the people who served and sacrificed.

And that's what a major home improvement store did Thursday.

The Home Depot chain does some interior work for a veterans organization and for a local veteran.

Thursday it did some sprucing up at the Veterans Museum of the Mid-Ohio Valley on Seventh Street.

It's all part of a project Home Depot stores get involved in between the September 11th anniversary and Veterans Day.

Thursday morning, store volunteers installed new lighting, vents and a new flag pole at the museum and gave the carpeting a much-needed shampooing.

"When Home Depot contacted us and asked if we would be involved in the project, it meant a lot to us," says Angela Shoemaker, Museum Projects and Events Coordinator. "It doesn't just help us out, but now we have clean carpets and nice things for when people come in and be in a clean environment."

Other volunteers were at the home of a Vienna veteran doing interior painting, installing carbon monoxide detectors and making modifications to the bathroom.

Vienna store manager Kathy Parsons says as many as 20 volunteers worked Thursday on the two projects.

Some who were even on vacation came in to help out.

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