Speaking About His True Faith With God And Life Experiences

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UPDATE 10:34PM 7-17-13

One Clarksburg teen who was struck by lightning last year paid a special visit to Parkersburg Wednesday evening.

Zach Sandy spoke at Spreading Truth Ministries about his faith in god and life experiences.

Last July, Sandy was struck by lightning while playing softball at Parkersburg Christian School.

He had a miraculous recovery thanks to four individuals who were on scene when Sandy was struck.

"All my life, I love helping people and every time I tell my story or I get up to speak to people, I get told that I've helped them, not me but they're faith has been risen and they've been inspired by what I told them," says Sandy.

Sandy's family was also selling a book called "In Lieu of Flowers, God Gave Us A Miracle."

It was written by his father, Russell Sandy.

The novel is available on Amazon.com and at The Gallery inside Grand Central Mall.
It was a memorable moment that Zach Sandy and his family will never forget.

This was all part of Sandy giving thanks to four individuals for giving him new life after being struck by lightning while playing softball at Parkersburg Christian School at a church camp in July of 2012.

He was playing softball when he heard a loud crack of lightning that knocked many people to the ground.

"One of the camp counselors turned and saw me laying in the outfield and he said he ran over to me because he saw that i wasn't moving. He said when he got there, that there was smoke rolling out of my mouth and it was like I could inhale a cigarette like i was blowing out the smoke continuously," says Sandy.

Sandy and his family each gave Lindsay Leasure, Jim Lemley, Lori Short and Caleb Tisdale hugs, roses and a big thank you for their efforts.

The first responders are still in shock that they were the ones who were able to give him a second chance at life.

"Well I was just thankful that I could just be there you know and did what I could do but Zach's truly a miracle. If it wasn't for the Lord, he wouldn't be here today," added Parkersburg Christian School Principal, Caleb Tisdale.

"We don't generally get thanks for lot of the things we do. It's always nice to thanked for after a call like that. I'm glad to see that he got goals in his life," replied Jim Lemley of Camden Clark Medical Center.

His parents, Russell and Cheri, are ecstatic to see their son alive and well.

"I'm just glad that someone was there to do CPR on Zach and knew what they were doing, that's the most important thing because once we got to the Parkersburg hospital and they told us that it was the best thing that someone was doing CPR on him immediately or we would not have Zach today," Zach's Mom, Cheri said.

"It's just given me a whole new aspect in and look on life and the way I think has changed and I appreciate things a whole lot more," says Sandy.

Sandy says that he is now able to jog on a treadmill but still has to see a physical therapist once a week.

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