Giving Veterans Local Resources For Serving Our Country

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One local organization wanted to reach out and give thanks to veterans across the valley for serving our country.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Veteran Outreach Program held a dinner Thursday night at Norwood United Methodist Church in Marietta.

Area veteran associations provided a streamline networks of programs, benefits and resources for the vets.

A great way to show veterans there's help in the area when they need it the most.

"It's real exciting, these guys and gals have all served their country in whatever branch of the service they belonged to and that's what this is all about, it's just telling them thank you for their service and giving them back what they deserve," says Tim Miller of the Parkersburg RSS Marine Moms.

American Legion 15, Parkersburg RSS Marine Moms and the Patriot Guard were among the organizations participating in the dinner.

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