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Heart disease is the number one killer among women. The annual Marietta Memorial Luncheon brings awareness to women.

"And the doctor said... she's having a heart attack and my reaction was, are you sure?," Julie Edwards explains about her first hearing she was having a heart attack.

Julie Edwards is one of the lucky ones catching it before it was too late, but she, like so many others, ignored mild symptoms.

"I mean even when I was having it, I was thinking like, I don't think this is a heart attack, it's probably indigestion or a pulled muscle," Edwards continues.

Doctors say women don't have the classic signs of a heart attack like most men do. That's why they say it's so important for women as young as 20 to pay attention to their body and know the signs of a heart attack.

"I experienced jaw pain and then from there was chest pain that went straight into my back. It wasn't anything like I thought it was a heart attack," says Edwards, "what I thought is was, was that I pulled a muscle or something. It wasn't sharp or anything like you'd think a heart attack."

"If you're out of breath when you're climbing stairs, that wasn't there before, that's a sign. Just early screenings and looking for the symptoms and signs," explains MMH Cardiovascular Disease Physician, Dr. Tarek Moussa.

This annual luncheon is meant to bring better awareness to all women.

"We're really trying to do today is make people aware so we can prevent it from even happening," says Dr. Moussa.

Prevent it with healthy habits, regular doctor exams, and knowing your risk.

"Long standing blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, tobacco abuse. Then things we can't control like family history," explains MMH Cardiovascular Disease Physician Dr. Joseph Mayo.

"Don't put it off, because I was very fortunate to be one to be able to tell my story," explains Edwards.

Marietta Memorial Hospital has been ranked in Healthgrade's Top 100 Best Hospitals in America for coronary intervention.

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