Go Red for Women

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It's been a long road for Bobette Grimm of Parkersburg, who learned a lot about cardiomyopathy after her diagnosis 16 years ago and also lives with a pacemaker, but she's a survivor.

"I couldn't ask for better health right now; I've lost quite a bit of weight and just keep on going," Grimm says. "But then again, I have taken care of myself and that's the number one thing that you have to do."

Red is the color of choice on "Go Red for Women Day," the first Friday in February, as it's the color of our hearts.

"It means life," Grimm says. "It means telling women other women what they need to do."

With the constant pace of life... there's no time to worry about ourselves.

According to Grimm, we have to start caring more.

"Heart disease is the number one killer of women and that figure comes over cancer," she says.

Take the risk of heart disease seriously, for yourself and the women you love.

"Men need to pay attention to it too; they need to pay attention to their sisters, their mothers, their wives, their daughters and help knock that figure out of the park."

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in West Virginia due to smoking and carrying too much extra weight.

"The numbers that we see in obesity, not only in women, but men and unfortunately in our children," Grimm says.

Once or twice a week take a step back to relax and pay attention to your body.

"If you feel something's not quite right, listen," Grimm says. "An arm ache, a backache -- across the shoulders, maybe the sudden onset of a real bad headache. Pay attention, write it down, write it down. If it happens again, write it down. If it happens for the third time, call your doctor."

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