Golden Horseshoe Winners Celebrate History

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Seven Wood County students are the winners of the prestigious Golden Horseshoe Award. The test is completely focused on West Virginia and asks everything from pop culture to population questions about the Mountain state.

''The Golden Horseshoe test is a test only given to eighth graders," explains eighth grade teacher at Jackson Middle School, Cathy Williams. "It is West Virginia economy, geography, the history of the state. Anything about the state."

This year only 221 students state wide received scores high enough to be awarded the Golden Horseshoe.

Three of Wood County's seven winners attend Jackson Middle School. They are Andrew Mommessin, Mary Catherine Bolton and Lauren Adkins.

The other four winners attend Edison Middle School. Edison's winners include Allyson Currey, Donna Kincaid, Ethan Powers and Lily Wright.

"It makes me really proud because my family has been pushing me to try," explains Lauren Adkins, when asked how it feels to be a part of the Golden Horseshoe award winners. "Not everyone can say they have this and it's pretty unique to have one."

Besides having a wide knowledge on everything West Virginia, students who take the test may just develop a little bit of an edge for future standardized testing.

"I think it just makes us really proud that we were able to do this," adds Mary Catherine Bolton. "I think it gives us a little more experience on taking tests like the SAT's and ACT's because we're ready to study for that and we know what it's like. I think it gives us a little bit of the upper hand."

This impressive award isn't just handed out. Students prepare for the Golden Horseshoe test for months and one of this years winners says study as much as you possibly can.

"If you can join a study group like we did, do that. I might have done okay on the test, like 25 or 30 out of 50. But, the study group really put me up to the point where I can actually win this and gives you that extra push."

The push that placed seven Wood County students to the top of the Golden Horseshoe award winners list.

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