Gov. Kasich on Hand for Morgan County Business Expansion Announcement

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The governor celebrates a Morgan County success story.

Austrian manufacturer Miba already has a bearings plant just outside McConnelsville.

Thursday, it formally opened an expansion of that complex.

Miba Industries has grown since it signed a long-term lease for its locomotive bearings plant there nearly ten years ago.

And Thursday, the governor celebrated the addition of a plant where automobile parts are made.

Kasich, who faces re-election this year, took the opportunity to promote his "Jobs Ohio" board.

It helped provide a $2 million plant construction loan, and a $50,000 job training grant.

And he says the jobs created may be just the beginning.

"That will be initially, 110 jobs. I'll bet if we can keep providing a good work force, they'll even be creating more jobs," he says. "They're clearly committed to this area. You don't make this kind of investment unless you figure on staying for a very long time."

425 people work at the two Miba manufacturing sites.

And the board chairman of the Austrian-based company says it plans a $4 million investment at the Sinter plant, which could result in a hundred more jobs.

Although the ribbon cutting was Thursday there has been production at the Miba plant's Sinter division for the past four years.

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