Gov. Tomblin Signs Carbon Monoxide Bill

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In January-- Bill Moran was working in Charleston, when he died at his hotel as a result of a carbon monoxide leak.

Now Governor Earl Ray Tomblin is doing all he can to make sure this doesn't happen to another family. Governor Tomblin signed Senate Bill 597.

It's tasteless, odorless... and kills around 200 people a year.

"That's 200 deaths a year... that aren't necessary," explains Vienna fire Chief, Danny Goodwin.

But there is a single way to know before you get sick. It's as simple as a carbon monoxide detector, and now Governor Earl Ray Tomblin is taking a stand trying prevent another death like Moran's.

Starting in September the bill mandates carbon monoxide detectors in many public facilities.

"Which in my opinion is the cheapest form of life insurance anyone can have," explains Goodwin.

While the bill does not require private homes to have a detector, Goodwin says he believes a carbon monoxide detector is just as important as a smoke detector.

Goodwin says carbon monoxide can be produced in a number of ways.

"Starting your car in a closed garage, cook stoves, furnace, logs burning on a fire place, from your furnace, unvented heaters in the winter time, there's numerous ways to get carbon monoxide," says Goodwin.

Goodwin also recommends always having a well ventilated home or garage to prevent any carbon monoxide build up.

Vienna Fire Chief Danny Goodwin recommends a carbon monoxide detector and...
-Always open the garage door before starting a car in the garage
-Be sure to have Proper ventilation
-Never heat a home with a stove or oven

They WV State Fire Marshal says common symptoms of poisoning include...
-Shortness of Breath
-Commonly mistaken for the flu

"Effective Sept. 1, Senate Bill 597 requires carbon monoxide detectors to be installed
in all hotels, motels, apartment buildings, boarding houses, dormitories, long-term
care facilities, adult or child care facilities, assisted living facilities, along
with one- and two-family dwellings intended to be rented or leased," explains a letter from Governor Tomblin's office.

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