Gov. Tomblin Hopes for a Resolution to Occupy Century Aluminum

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Occupy Century Aluminum may be just a few tents and a bonfire, but these retirees are determined to get their health benefits back.

Its been about two years since these former workers had any health benefits. And for some it's time they can't spare.

Governor Tomblin was in town for the Constellium event earlier this week, and weighed in on the face-off between the plant and its workers.

"It's my understanding that talks are going on at Century over there. Especially with the retirees and so forth. There's nothing we'd rather see than having that plant back in operation and all those people back to work again. So we're just very hopeful that things can get worked out at century and get all of our workers back on the job," says Governor Tomblin.

Tomblin says he supports a decision to re-open the plant that will help provide those benefits these retirees are so desperately seeking.

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