Governor Tomblin's Day to Serve

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Governor's Day to Serve is about helping those in need and across the state thousands worked on special projects from collecting coats to picking up trash to lend a helping hand.

Parkersburg has it's own way of giving back.

"In Parkersburg winterizing your community gardens here, so you know it just depends on what the needs are in the community. That's the great part. We have so many people across the state participating and it just brings out what true West Virginians are about and that's helping each other," says Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.

Sometimes, like people, plants just need a little TLC.

The Health Department of the Mid Ohio Valley is teaming up with Americorps and local churches to plant community gardens around the valley.

"Well I think seeing this one out by the road is kind of really important. It reminds people you know, people drive by and they're like people garden still. So that's good. Locally grown produce is important because you're keeping money in the area and whereas this produce isn't being bought by people. Healthy food shouldn't be something only people have with good means, it should be for everyone," says Community Wellness Coordinator Megan Buskirk.

And this program makes that a possibility. The vegetables from this garden are picked and set out by the road...ripe for the taking.

If you want something, simply drop by and pick it up, free of charge.

"I think it's a great idea. You know the members of the community work with the health department. But the nice part is what they raise, it's here behind me and get what they need. And you know watch, they take what they need not more than they need but it's all free. You just have to come and get fresh vegetables. So I think it's a great idea and you can do it on a relatively small piece of property so it's one that could be duplicated all across our state," says Governor Tomblin.

It's one step in a 3-prong program by the health department. A snap education grant funds cooking classes, physical fitness, and community gardens to promote healthy living.

"The program just started this summer. We kind of jumped into it. We've had cooking classes at two locations, about 40 people per class and that went for 6 weeks and we already have people calling us for the fall session so it's going really well and we hope when we get our funding to expand to the other 5 counties in our 6 county region," says Buskirk.

Finding room to grow out not just up.

Governor Tomblin released a statement thanking all West Virginians who organized and participated in service projects as part of Saturday's Governor's Day to Serve.

Over 420 projects focused on community improvement took place in all 55 counties.

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