Governor Kasich Signs Anti-Bullying Bill into Law

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Governor Kasich signed the bill into law on Thursday.

Called the Jessica Logan Act, the bill is named to honor a Cincinnati teenager who committed suicide in 2008 after weeks of bullying at school.

The law requires schools to update policies to include harassment and intimidation over the internet or sent via cell phones. It also extends these policies to school buses and staff must receive training.

Belpre School System is ready to comply with the new law, but already have state of the art cameras to monitor behavior on the buses.

"The thing that makes this more difficult now is social media that everyone has access to. And it's a little harder for us to monitor. It's easier for kids to bully with social media and electronics because it's done very anonymously now. Whereas in the past it was 'I'm going to beat you up on the playground' now it's 'I'm going to beat you up on Facebook and I don't really have to be there to let you defend yourself,'" says Belpre Superintendent Tony Dunn.

Statistics show one in three children will be the victims of cyberbullying.

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