Governor Tomblin Attends Ceremony for New Spec Building

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"It started out as a spec building because we've had a lot of people stop by wanting places to lease and rent and put their business in. And there's nothing really in the area available." says Polymer Alliance Zone President Karen Facemyer.

Until now. Polymer Alliance Zone just opened a $5 million facility to solve that problem.

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin stopped by the ribbon cutting ceremony saying these types of developments make West Virginia more business friendly.

"That's the important thing about having a spec building like this it's ready to go, it's ready to be occupied tomorrow rather than waiting 3 to 5 years down the road to get a facility like this built. So once again with a facility like this in Wood County I think it says we're ready for you no matter what it is," says Governor Tomblin.

This is a huge building...80,000 square feet. All this space is available to new businesses they're hoping will move to this area.

"Profitably is selling it to the companies and letting them get a profit. That's one of the things that we have proven over the years is that the companies bottom lines here in West Virginia, especially in the Polymer industries, are a lot stronger there than in our surrounding states," says Facemyer.

Polymer Alliance Zone itself is a non-profit corporation. Facemyer says they only hope to make enough to continue down this road, and develop 4 to 5 more plots on the property.

"What it means for the economy in this area as well as the rest of the state is additional jobs. So it's a win win not only for the state and the additional taxes coming in, but also a win win for the people that can earn a paycheck," says Facemyer.

But those additional jobs are just a hope until a business moves into the building. The corporation has been marketing to several businesses, but none have signed on the dotted line just yet.

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