Governor Tomblin Visits Lubeck to Sign Substance Abuse Bill

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It's new legislation to put an end to prescription pill abuse. Patients will now be entered into a database within 24-hours of dropping off a prescription.

"I think this gives us the first step in being able to start taking our communities back and you know using prescription drugs the way they were intended to be used, and not to go to pill mills or doctor shopping to get these drugs illegally," says Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.

This is part of an effort to end what Governor Tomblin calls "doctor shopping." When addicts go to several pharmacies to fill the same prescription.

Until now pharmacists had no way of knowing if a customer might also be an abuser.

"We knew how much pain pills or other medications they would get at our store, but we didn't have record of what they may have gotten at other drug stores as well. So in this case, we'll have that now,"says pharmacist and Bond's Drug Store Owner Tim Bond.

It's not just about prevention, but rehabilitation. The Governor has allotted $7.5 million to fund treatment abuse clinics across the state.

"Basically we do have some good programs to help people who are addicted in West Virginia. To get them off of the drugs that they're on. This will be a program that you will be able to apply for and if you have one of those programs then you will be able to receive the money to help people get the kind of treatment that they need in West Virginia," says Governor Tomblin.

Governor Tomblin also says this bill is really ahead of it's time. Specifically, the limitation on medication with pseudoephedrine to just 48 grams. That's the lowest to date.

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