Grand Opening of the Pleasants County Aquatic Center

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Pleasants County has a reason to be excited this summer.

This morning many people showed up for the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Pleasants County Aquatic Center with a guest of honor and dedication.

The center was dedicated to Art Olds, a long time mayor and influential community member.

The newly renovated pool has multiple slides, a climbing wall, pirate ship, lily pads with a climbing rope and much more.

The managers and staff, as well as community members are all very excited about what this brings to the community and beyond.

The aquatic center has been open for a couple of weeks and is bringing in hundreds of people from all over the valley already.

Manager Wendy Johnson says they are already seeing crowds up to 400 people a day.

"We are seeing crowds of 200, 300, 400, at the pool during the day, and 150 people at night, where as last year just during the day we would have 130 people and that would be a good day. So ya know, just increase revenue, increase, it provides more jobs, we have to have more people on staff so it creates jobs as well," said Wendy Johnson, Aquatic Center Manager.

One of the main goals of the committee putting this all together was for it to be affordable to everyone.

Johnson says it only cost $2.75 for adults 15 and older.
For 15 and under and non-swimmers, it is $2.25.

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