Grants Awarded to Ohio Fire Departments

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Helping cut costs for local governments.

The state fire marshals office steps in to help with training and equipment.

Every year available grants and loans are offered to local small town and volunteer fire departments through the state fire marshals office.

They say this is a way to help local governments' budgets when getting the right training and equipment necessary for our first responders.

And Marietta Fire Chief C.W. Durham agrees.

"Oh yeah it's a good thing, I mean this grant allows us to take additional training classes that we normally wouldn't be able to take because it allows us to stretch our budget," he says.

"But it relieves the city budget and of course with the state tax being taken away this year, we are already in the hole x number of dollars, we don't know what because we are working on the budget right now," says Mayor Joe Matthews.

Mayor Matthews explains that even as a paid fire department they apply for many grants throughout the year.

Chief Durham says these grants are also extremely helpful for the volunteer fire departments in the area.

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