Great Day for a Carwash

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Washing away winter on a spring like day... with a little soap and water.

The nice weather brought out people from across the valley on Monday to get their cars sparkling clean.

Main Street Carwash in Belpre saw a packed house in the warm temperatures.

"We finally got some nice weather and I decided to do some spring cleaning for my car," says Larry Martin of Belpre. "It needed it from all the winter dirt and everything, just coming out and getting all the road salt off it today."

Gary Secoy of Little Hocking had some errands to run and figured he better take advantage of the good weather.

"The truck's pretty dirty... better wash it while I can," Secoy says.

"It's just a really nice day and I like keeping my cars clean and I like coming here," says Melissa Warden of Fleming. "This is a nice car wash, it always does a nice job, so I thought I'd just stop by while I was in this area."

Other than the high winds, it was a picture perfect day for a car wash.

Folks just wanted to soak up a few rays before winter comes around again.

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