Group Resumes Sending Care Packages to Troops

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Some local soldiers are due to receive care packages again.

The Veterans Museum of Mid-Ohio Valley Wednesday resumed sending items to troops in Afghanistan.

The group hadn't sent anything since early December due to a lack of donations.

But museum staff stuffed and mailed two boxes full of hygiene products, candy and jerky this week.

"They send us cards and letters all the time telling us about how they like what they've seen, it raises morale," said Gary Farris, Director of the Veterans Museum of Mid-Ohio Valley. " Some things we send they can't get over there, especially, like, dental floss is a big one."

The items are given away at a store run by the 1092 combat engineers.

Farris said he's still looking for donations so they can keep sending packages regularly.

If interested, please drop off donations at the museum, located on 1829 Seventh Street in Parkersburg.

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