Bill Maloney in Parkersburg

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Republican candidate for Governor Bill Maloney continued campaign efforts Friday in Wood County.

He joined local volunteers for a quick lunch before getting in on the action.

The gubernatorial candidate phone local constituents, asking for their support.

Maloney says his campaign is strong following the gubernatorial debate earlier this week.

I think so people understand there's clear choice here," he told us. "You can either have more of the same or go in a different direction. There is a brighter future for West Virginia. He's even stealing my lines in Wheeling (Thursday), now he's talking about brighter futures. You have to do things a little differently in order to create an atmosphere where people will want to start a business, keep their children here."

Maloney continued his day by campaigning with local candidates.


We've entered the final stretch before election day and the candidates are fighting for every vote.

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and Republican candidate Bill Maloney face off on the debate stage.

Candidates fielded questions on health care, education, taxes, and job creation.

"We're balancing our budgets, we're paying down our long term debts piled up over years, we're able to cut our taxes with our consumer sales tax on food that helps seniors and our struggling families as well as cut business taxes which is helping us create jobs in the state of West Virginia," says Governor Tomblin.

"We can cut taxes, create jobs, and give the gift of opportunity to our children. All we need is to have a plan and i have a blueprint for a brighter future," says Maloney.

An issue gaining national attention took front stage in the debate..

The coal industry is a hot topic in the presidential election, and the gubernatorial candidates spared no time getting to the heart of the issue.

"We need to be proactive, take on Obama's EPA. And in addition to that we've got a cap and trade bill right here in West Virginia that you pushed through that needs to go away. That's one of the first things I'll do is get rid of that thing," says Maloney.

"Well first of all I want to correct you once again. We did not pass a cap and trade bill in West Virginia as you have alleged on several different occasions. We do have an energy portfolio bill in West Virginia. As a matter of fact coal and natural gas is part of the energy that will be used in West Virginia," retorts Governor Tomblin.

In their closing remarks Governor Tomblin says his administration has made progress but still has more hurdles to jump.

While Maloney appealed to viewers emotions and a need for new leadership to change course.

"We've come a long way, but we've still got a long way to go. We've got people out there suffering, still looking for jobs, trying to support their families and make things better and we need to continue to do what we can to help those folks. We need to continue to improve our education system to make sure that our children have world class education to compete in a global economy out there," says Governor Tomblin.

"We are the folks that carved out a state from the roughest terrain east of the Mississippi. We are the state that sends more of our young men and women to war to fight for freedom than any other state in the nation. We are the miners, the steelers, the drillers that built a nation. We are proud, God-fearing people and all we need is leadership to move our state forward," says Maloney.

Both candidates appeared confident and at ease behind their podiums.
It's a race to watch in the countdown to November 6th.

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