Gun Laws In The Settling Days

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Gun laws are a hot topic across the nation right now.

With a gunsmith and artisan show Saturday in Marietta, we set out to see what gun laws were like for settlers.

Campus Martius Museum in Marietta hosted the Gunsmith and Artisan Show Saturday.

People got re-live the past while seeing how guns were made.

The show features gunsmith, powder horn and hunting bag makers.

And like the gun laws we have now days, settlers had their version of it as well.

"If you were between the ages of 16 and 60, you were expected to be armed with a good musket or a rifle, have so much powder and so much lead," says Campus Martius Museum Historian, William Reynolds.

The contemporary gun makers and allied arts exhibit was at the show demonstrating barrel rifling.

It used 18th and early 19th century techniques.

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