Gunmakers and Allied Artists Show

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They're some of the finest traditional artisans who recreate the working tools of the frontier settler and hunter, and on Saturday they displayed their wares.

Gunsmiths, powder horn and hunting bag makers were at the Campus Martius Museum in Marietta to introduce visitors to 200 years of American gunmaking traditions.

There were demonstrations on various techniques used in gun building and artisans like Tim Dowler talked about their work.

He says it's all about keeping history alive.

“So that our kids years from now can look back and know where this country came from. Campus Martius does a tremendous job of doing that and this is just another way to bring the local artisans, gun makers out who still are involved in the living history trade,” Dowler says.

He says the gun makers do beautiful work and many of the collectors have original guns.

The art of barrel riffling using 18th and 19th century techniques was also part of recreating that time period.

Several original rifling machines were on display and contemporary barrel makers explained long lost principals.

One local woman likes being a part of the history.

“I’m here today with the guy that I date, Rich Stevens, because he does rendezvous and stuff – where they shoot the muzzle loader and things like that,” says Chris Harshbarger of Parkersburg. “He wanted to come up to the gun show to see if he could find some parts and things like that, that he needs."

Harshbarger says personally she enjoys these type of shows because she likes watching Stevens shoot and she makes a lot of friends when she goes to the shoots and reenactments.

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