Historian Dies

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He worked tirelessly to promote two major local tourist attractions.

That's how friends are remembering Dave McKain.

He passed away Monday night at the age of 80.

He's remembered for directing and promoting two area tourist attractions: the Oil and Gas Museum of the Mid-Ohio Valley, and Henderson Hall near Williamstown.

"He spent all kinds of hours, even through the night, required little sleep, developing the Oil and Gas Museum and Henderson Hall to what they are today as tourist attractions," says Paul Hoblitzell, Co-Director of the Oil and Gas Museum.

"He was very interested in getting people to know the history of the oil and gas industry, and the Civil War history of this area," says Jim Miracle, local historian.

McKain also directed the local commemorations of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

Hoblitzell and Miracle both say the museum and Henderson Hall will continue to operate and be open to the public.

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