Habit for Humanity 'Raise the Roof'

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It was a perfect summer day to ‘Raise the Roof’ on a new Habitat for Humanity house.

The community turned out in numbers to help get it going.

"It means a lot to me, starting a family and everything else," says Michael Oyler of Parkersburg.

It's one of the first sponsored houses Habitat has had in a while and their 67th local house.

"West Virginia Central Credit Union has made a major donation toward this house; they have several of their staff people here today working, so I think that's really helpful,” says Alvin Phillips, executive director of Wood County Habitat.

The Credit Union wanted to be part of what they consider a great program.

"Opportunity to put people into homes that they deserve and be able to start a wonderful life,” says President and CEO Mike Tucker.

It was a long time coming, but it was worth the wait for one Parkersburg couple that will soon get to move into their new home.

"I want to thank Habitat and West Virginia Credit Union for coming out helping and all the volunteers that showed up to support us,” Oyler says.

Habitat sells the homes to the families.

"We charge below the appraised value and we don't charge them any interest,” Phillips says. “We finance it and so their payment comes back to us, and so each payment we put toward other houses."

Oyler has a few things in mind to buy for his new home.

"A brand new TV, hopefully get a dog and get a fence for the property,” he says.

For Oyler and Kayla Corbin, future homeowners and Mr. and Mrs., getting to live in a Habitat house is a dream come true.

Their house is expected to be move-in ready condition before the holidays.

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