Caring Campaign Commences

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Update: 7/25/2013 6:10 P.M.


That's what Wood County Habitat for Humanity needs to continue its homebuilding efforts.

It has kicked off this year's Caring Campaign, and it's already one-fifth of the way to that goal.

That includes a donation announced Monday by West Virginia Central Credit Union.

It plans to finish four homes this year, and wants to build as many as six next year.

"We have another two in stages of construction, so we have four under construction right now," says Wood County Habitat's Executive Director, Alvin Phillips. "But one of them will wait until the other two are finished, so we're concentrating on this one and another in South Parkersburg. Those are our 66th and 67th homes."

The latest project is a home at 13th and Dillaway street. The campaign is being dedicated to the two-year old daughter of its new residents.



21 years of service to Habitat for Humanity by a retired DuPont worker have not gone unnoticed.

Marlin Buckmaster Thursday was presented with Habitat's "Ray of Light" volunteer award.

Buckmaster, who has worked on more than 30 of Habitat's projects, is leaving the area.

He says that work has taught him a lot about home construction...and a lot more

"I like serving and helping people," he told us, "so building houses for people who live in poor surroundings at times has been pretty meaningful in my life."

Buckmaster has also been a donor and a member of Habitat's board.

Habitat-and Buckmaster-are working on its latest project on Dillaway street.

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