Halloween Kids Fest

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Halloween is still two weeks away but some area children have the trick-or-treating spirit already!

The United Way partnered Saturday with the City of Belpre to host "Halloween Kids Fest".

The event featured a free carnival for local children complete with games, prizes, and treats.

The Belpre Fire Department even took kids on cherry-picker rides, high into the Washington County fall sky.

Organizers say it's all part of a bigger plan to help our community.

"We're assisting Hagemeyer with the low-income families getting information out so we can assist them with resources," says Brenda Myers, Direct Emergency Service Coordinator with the United Way Alliance. "To see children smile and just have fun. Some of the low-income children do not get the chance to have a party like this."

The Boys and Girls Club, Salvation Army and the Children's Home Society also took part in the day's fun.

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