Halloween Candy: Moderation Is Key

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Soon, the scariest night of the year will play host to ghosts and goblins roaming the streets is search of sweets. Before the kids focus singularly on those Halloween treats, officials say help them remember all the other fun aspects of the season.

"You can focus on other activities such as picking out costumes, carving pumpkins, things like that, says Nutritionist with the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, Jennifer Habeb. "Not necessarily all about the candy."

That goes for those giving out candy as well. Officials say there are other options for Halloween treats besides those loaded with sugar.

"Parents can buy granola bars, pretzels, pop corn, trail mix. Things that are not necessarily high in sugar," Habeb explains.

When your kids bring in the bag full of sweets,law enforcement officials says double check of the lot will help protect kids as well.

"Check the candy and make sure there aren't any open wrappers or sharp objects inside the candy before giving it to their kids," says Deputy Matthew Anderson with the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

From then on... it's all about moderation.

"I would recommend practicing moderation. They don't have to eat all the candy they get in one night,"Habeb says. "So, the parents can take the candy and give the kids a few pieces a day. That way they're not getting a huge amount of sugar all at once"

This may lead to a very bewitching Halloween.

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