Halloween Parade Marches Down Front Street

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It was a spooky afternoon in Marietta. Families turned out in the hundreds to celebrate Halloween weekend.

The Marietta Noon Lion's Club hosted their annual Halloween parade downtown.

"Bringing the community together and you know bringing a little bit of awareness about Marietta Noon Lion's and just to have fun. That's all," says parade coordinator Angela Schnabel.

Participants had to be dressed to impress in order to enter the costume contest where they were judged on scariest, funniest, most original, and best in show.

These events combined the best parts of the holiday, costumes, games, and sweet treats.

"(what's your favorite part of Halloween?) The candy," says costume winner Alexsis Rodgers.

The parade came to an end at Muskingum Park on Front Street. The Lion's Club and various civitan groups joined together to raise money for the event.

Lion's club representatives say they raised more than $2,500 to spend on candy and prizes for the multiple booths.

"It started when they had trouble with kids getting bad candy and stuff so in lay of trick or treat we invented this party," says Halloween at the Park Chairman Connie Grimes.

There was fun and food for all. Maggie Gottfried's family all pitched in to help complete her idea for a costume. But she was more impressed by what everyone else was wearing.

"Probably seeing all the neat costumes that other people have come up with. Some of them I would have never thought of, ever," says Gottfried, who won 2nd place in the most original category.

On this day of fun her smile is just as bright as Mona Lisa's.

The full list of trick-or-treat times can be found on the right hand side of the home page.

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