Harlem Ambassadors Return

The ambassadors of goodwill returned to play Parkersburg Thursday evening.

It was a fun-filled night, as the team of six performers and athletes thrilled the crowd in the Parkersburg High School's Field-house.

Opposing the Harlem Ambassadors was a rotating group of local all-stars, including Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell.

"You know, a couple of trips up and down that court is enough for all of us, but it's going very well," claims Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell. "We're getting beat about 18-to-2 in the first quarter, but it's a lot of fun and everyone appreciates it."

The crowd was delighted with the antics, mock competitions and games with selected area youth during time-outs.

The Ambassadors also signed programs and passed out autographs to commemorate their stop in Parkersburg Thursday evening.

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