Harmar Days Street Festival: A Celebration Of Past And Present

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Bringing the importance of history to the present, the Historic Harmar Bridge Company works to preserve the past.

"The mission of the Bridge Company is to promote the history of the river and the railroad," explains Harmar Bridge Company President Brooks Harper. "They were so prominent in the development of this town that we thought we ought to do something to celebrate that history."

The Harmar Days Street Festival weekend is more than just an event to bring the family to. Nancy Wagner, the secretary of the Harmar Bridge Company, says taking time to learn about the past can unlock your future.

"One of the things I think is really important about history: history has told us who we were, who we are, and if we study it who we will be," Wagner says.

Although the process of restoring historical pieces or preserving artifacts can be time consuming, participants say it is well worth every minute of hard work.

"A lot of things are happening very quickly," says train master, David Corbitt. "If you don't step out and preserve some of this people, and our children, and our grandchildren won't get to see it."

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