UPDATE: Harmar Village Festival

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UPDATE: 7/31/11 5:30 P.M.

Local families and travelers enjoyed the Harmar Street Festival this weekend hosted by the Historic Harmar Bridge Company.

The annual event gathers vendors and local business owners together to show pride for one of Marietta's most historic districts.

Harmar days 2011 organizer, Chuck Swaney says there were a lot of great hits this year including the pie eating contest and a new event that gathered crowds.

"We had a nice miniature steam engine train that was a new addition and a big, big hit. The two gentleman that came over and provided the train from Kentucky were a wonderful asset and we really enjoyed them, hope we can get them back next year."

The train held up to eleven people.

Families and young ones enjoyed the ride down Maple Street in the Historic Harmar district.


The annual event kicked off with a ceremonial parade down Maple Street in the historic Harmar Village.

Local families and travelers enjoyed the two day events hosted by the Historic Harmar Bridge Company.

The festival gives local vendors and shop owners the chance to showcase their works by gathering together to celebrate one of Marietta's oldest neighborhoods.

MoniKeri Name Art Owner Keri Seevers says, "I think it brings everyone together. Especially on this side of the river. I think they're a little lost sometimes. Everyone's downtown Marietta instead of down here, so I think it's nice that they try to bring the community over to the West side."

Families and children also enjoyed arts and crafts, a raffle, and pie tasting.

There were even railroad cars that were hand crafted for children to ride on that were big enough to hold eleven people!

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