Harmar Village Prepares for Flood

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High waters are nothing new to long time Harmar Village residents.

"We're used to it," said Marcia Beardmore, who lives on Franklin Street. "We just have to get ready for it."

Beardmore is so used to it, she even has a cue to launch her flood preparedness plan.

"We watch the water twenty four seven," she said. "When this storm drain fills up, I know the water will be on our street."

On her street, and in her basement. She's already taken all of her belongings into her garage.

Down the road, Boat House BBQ sits on the river bank. By Friday evening, it was already already under several feet of water, its patio furniture afloat.

Employees waded through it to pack up what was left inside.

"[It's] a very big pain," said Steven Peters, who manages the restaurant. "And we still have the clean up to go, so we hope there's no damages."

Ankle-deep waters on Virginia Street caused Dave's Auto Parts owner Dave Hennessee to evacuate by noon Friday.

It was his eighteenth go at the pre-flood pack-up. And yet, packing up shop for good has never crossed Hennessee's mind.

"It's just that I like the boats, I like to watch the barges and other big boats go up and down the river."

Meanwhile, others would have no problem leaving the scenery behind:

"We'd like to, we're gettin' older," said Beardmore. "Gettin' tired of this."

But no matter where they stand, for many Harmar Villagers, a battle with mother nature lies ahead.

The river is expected to peak at 39.4 ft mid-day Sunday.

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